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Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd - Project Goldrush Eltham

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Project Director & Programme Manager – Project Goldrush Eltham

The Goldrush Project Control Group members have asked me to formally pass on our appreciation of the work you and your team have made in the construction and commissioning of the IWS process services at Eltham. We would like to recognise your outstanding contribution to the project.

You and your team stepped in to assist with other work faces in order to complete the installation on time, and have been resolute in ensuring that the workmanship and quality of the delivered mechanical process services plant is to a high standard.

James, you have demonstrated a level of professionalism that sets the benchmark amongst the contractors we work with. The leadership you have provided has been exceptional, not just to the HWC employees, but to all contractors involved in the project.

Thank you again, and we look forward to working with you on future projects.

Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd - Techo Ltd

Managing Director – Techo Ltd

Hawera Welding Contractors (HWC) are our welding contractor of choice for all our projects. We employ HWC for their high quality of work and exceptional H&S management systems.

James Parker and Frank Bunker have a professional approach to work that seamlessly transfers across to all their workers. It is a pleasure for Techo Ltd to employ HWC.

I have no problem in offering this reference and would fully recommend HWC to any organisation needing their skills.

SiteWise GOLD Status


Alison Molloy – Chief Executive – Site Safe New Zealand Inc

Hawera Welding Contractors Limited has been officially certified and has achieved SiteWise Gold Status. Getting to Gold means:

A gold grading in SiteWise means you’ve achieved a grade of 90% or above on your annual assessment and that you have demonstrated that you have quality health and safety systems in place.

Impac Prequal Contractor -
Pre-Qualification Assessment

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Paul Kennedy – Chief Executive – Impac Prequal

Hawera Welding Contractors Limited has been assessed for Contractor Pre-Qualification.

Under their primary work type being Engineering (Trade) – Category 3, Five Star!

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