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Plant & Machinery Fabrication

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Stainless, Carbon Pipe & Plastic Pipe Welding

Hawera Welding Contractors

Hawera Welding Contractors Ltd was founded in 2001 by James Parker. Since then the company has grown into a medium sized business. Hawera Welding Contractors are amongst some of the most experienced in the industry. This allows us to perform services for some of the major companies and industries in New Zealand.

Why Choose Us?

Fully Trained Staff

Fully Trained Staff at Hawera Welding Contractors

Hawera Welding Staff are fully trained in all services that we provide. This gives us the confidence to deliver to our customers and clients exactly what they requested, time and time again.

Health & Safety Certified

Hawera Welding Contractors are Health & Safety Certified

To meet today’s ever changing Health & Safety Requirements, the training given to our team is always ongoing. This insures that we can meet any plant and factory safety requirement and are able to work confidently under those systems.

Trusted Services

Trusted Services at Hawera Welding Contractors

Our Welding, Installation & Fabrication Services are among the most trusted in New Zealand. This has allowed us to be one of the preferred contractors to Fonterra, NZs biggest company.

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